Whether it’s a small project or large program of projects, we deliver for our clients.

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Managed Services

The STC approach delivers programs and products within schedule and budget.

We assist our customers in planning, developing, and delivering on contractual obligations – all while managing risk, changing priorities, technology adoption and performance based incentives. Our services are based on the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK®). Our approach is tailored to each project and based on our collaboration with the customer. We focus on client needs, program requirements, and the application of our expertise.

We create program management success through our Total Solution approach of detailing program goals end to end while keeping key stakeholders informed of progress, improvements, and time impacts. We offer turn-key program management, time in motion analysis, continuous improvement frameworks, and resource planning.


Network Design and Consulting

Fixed, Wireless, or IT infrastructure; our expert team members deliver.

The pedigree of our team members is rooted in the design and consulting of fibre, copper, IT infrastructure and wireless networks (RF Planning & Microwave design) for Carriers and Enterprises.

SaaS - Custom Software Solutions

Why do we offer Software as a Service?

Too often we hear companies within the telecommunications industry say it is too expensive and time consuming to implement change. Yet, the current business climate demands exponential technological growth and innovation to remain relevant and competitive. At STC we strongly believe that success is when we are able to enable our customers to succeed. Hence, we encourage our clients to move away from traditional costly methods of on-premise hardware and software development and embrace the world of efficiency, flexibility and speed offered by our custom software solutions.


What do we offer?

Our software solutions help you draw insights from your data, simplify your processes and empower your staff with the right tooling to unify your business and allow you to take control. We understand that no two businesses nor business units operate identically and therefore we work with our clients to design and develop software unique to their needs. We offer solutions to companies of all sizes, budgets and complexities.


Our objective is to introduce operational efficiency, eliminate any revenue leakage and enable you to offer a better customer experience ultimately helping your business to grow. We can look at your business holistically or focus on a key problem area, there is no problem too big or small. We have expertise covering all components of your value chain from site acquisition, procurement, design, supplier, partner, inventory, deployment and delivery management. Legacy systems? No problem. We are able to create multi-platform applications that can be integrated with third party applications with ease. 


What makes us Different?

Differentiating us from our larger competitors, our state of the art development platform enables us to quickly deliver outcomes without the time consuming processes that most companies have to go through and assists us to remain financially competitive. At the core of everything we do is cyber security. There is no compromise when it comes to security. We understand the increased risks of a constantly evolving technological landscape and are dedicated to providing you with secure solutions.


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IoT Products and Services

It is estimated there will be 20 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020.

This area of technology is rapidly expanding in both the residential and commercial space. Our ability to define requirements and design a best of breed solution means that clients are better able to extract value from the small devices that are rapidly connecting our world.

In a residential sense, this means automation of lights, music & entertainment, blinds, cameras, door & window sensors, sirens, electrical outlets, air conditioning, and motion sensors.

In a commercial sense, this means pre-emptive maintenance with vibration and temperature sensors on high-use machines, climate control, security, water leak detection, vehicle tracking, and power usage.

We are also supporting the efforts of Councils in pursuit of Smart City initiatives. In this capacity, we support advanced street lighting, air quality measurements, intelligent traffic management, power monitoring, water metering, and more.

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Specialised Recruitment Services

In an environment increasingly populated by traditional recruiters, ST Consulting has evolved as a vibrant, fresh and reliable service provider in the areas of:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Organisational Development and Effectiveness
  • Specialist Human Resources Services

Recruitment remains at the core of our business. However, we believe that we add further value through offering a holistic approach to the management of new and existing employees; providing organisational solutions that ensure longevity and success within an organisation.


We treat our customers as friends

We strive to ensure the trust placed in us is rewarded with expertise, passion, and commitment.