We relentlessly pursue continuous improvement initiatives to best assist our clients.

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We have a long history of exceeding expectations. 

This comes from a culture of putting the customer first, understanding the expectations, and the experience of knowing that improvement is necessary.


(Fibre to the Node / Fibre to the Curb)

  • Performing APD, HLD, FIR, FDDD, and IFDVs
  • Quality checking of the APD/HLD designs, CCU workbook & transfer sheets, FIR workbook, LASA approvals and Final Design Deliverables.
  • Planning and designing of FTTN/FTTC networks in MapInfo
  • Thorough knowledge of bill of material (BOM) and bill of quantity (BOQ).
  • Liaising with nbn™, LASA and electricity distributors for design approvals
  • Preparation and validation of field inspection documents and maps
  • Designing removal plans for pair-gain systems and planning relevant copper network
  • Siting new nbn™ cabinets and pillars taking into account the node siting standards; specific to private property, EPR zones, HV lines, road intersections and heritage sites.
  • Generating CLAAN plans and council pack for council approvals
  • Liaise with nbn™ and LASA group for design purposes and approvals
  • Assessing the existing Telstra pit & pipe network to suggest new builds or upgrades
  • Analysing carrier network performance and recommend essential upgrades
  • Supporting field team operations for field scoping and feedback for design quality continuous improvement
  • Carrying out pre-construction reviews and finalising DFN for SAMs that are approved for the final detailed design
  • Asbuilts preparation according to redline mark-ups from the field
  • Generating SOR codes for nbn™ and sub contractors
  • Interacting with commercial teams for updates to scope
  • Managing scope variations


  • Drafting Telstra and nbn™ network in spatialNET, supporting FTTP, FTTN, FTTC and HFC
  • Providing technical network consultancy to spatialNET developers and collaborating on solutions to achieve technical requirements
  • Developing processes and work instructions for active equipment network designs
  • ISP templates to reduce the effort 
  • Responsible for reviewing resolutions and obtaining sign off
  • Documenting active equipment technical requirements
  • Designing FTTP network in spatialNET
  • Providing training to nbn™ service delivery partners
  • Full understanding of nbn™ internal design tools and processes



(Multi-Dwelling Units and Fibre to the Basement)

  • Creating MDU addresses
  • Creating IFDH’s including the creation of splitters, splitter cards, term panels including patching as per MDU FDH record sheets.
  • Creating the floor plans
  • Placing annotations in MDU’s and creating fibre drops
  • Creating MDU cables inside floor plans
  • Connectivity between OSP and MDU networks
  • Running trace reports from MDU addresses and validating with FDH records
  • Capturing pit & pipe, cables, and joints directly in spatialNET

Wideband and MTx Design

•  Wideband Design
•  MTx Design
•  Basement Switch Migrations (BSM)
•  Strategic Ethernet Platform (SEP)
•  WiFi Nation
•  Copper Mining
•  Fibre Changes
•  Land Access

Systems & Software

spatialNET  •  AutoCAD  •  MapInfo  •  SharePoint  •  TRAC  •  Multiman  •  GDD  •  NetMap  •  NPAMS
TPNI  •  RASS  •  TCSS  •  MITS  •  Cramer  •  Magpie  •  Drake